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By Julie Gonzales
To reinforce POPDEV activities, Commission on Population—Region IV (POPCOM IV) created a new pool of trainers. A Basic Demography Training with return   demonstration was conducted among all its staff last July 18-22, 2016 with a purpose to hone skills and create new set of trainers within the office.

Since most of the staffs are newly hired employees, their knowledge regarding POPCOM’s programs is inadequate. The main objective of the training is to integrate new bloods to the program in which they will learn and appreciate about the basic concepts of population, its processes, outcomes and measurements.

Basic Demo

As Population Officers and Workers, they need to know about the population data, its processes and outcomes and the measures used in analyzing data. The programs and projects that they have to implement should be based on the available current data thus the interventions that will be developed suit on the issues that arise from the data.

This is a good example of the training that a population officer and worker need to know and to understand its definition, computation and use. The sole purpose of the training is to educate staffs about Basic Demography. However the participants on the said training had the privilege to undergo Interpersonal Communication Skills (ICS) training.

Equip with new learnings, the newly trained staff of POPCOM IV can be new asset in providing technical assistance to Local Government Unit partners in CALABARZON



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