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Some of the Commission on Population Region IV (POPCOM IV) staff together with their spouse and children attended the Gender Sensitivity (GS) Orientation conducted by three (3) resource speakers from the POPCOM Central Office.  The activity was held last May 11-13, 2016 at Blue Marlyn’s Lodge, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

Gender and Development (GAD) has long been a part of the Philippine Population and Management Program (PPMP) initiative.  The importance of the said content is too vital that through the years, it has been mainstreamed into the PPMP as a binding principle within which all of the concepts revolve around.

In this light, the different regional offices of POPCOM have encapsulated the GAD message through various strategies and innovative undertakings;  one of POPCOM IV’s initiatives was the recently held GS Orientation for the POPCOM IV staff, couples, and their children.

The idea came about during one of POPCOM IV’s regular staff meetings. Observations in the field revealed that most of the time, RP-FP classes held were only attended by the wives (without their spouses).  Such conditions were not ideal since our goal must relay the message that both husband and wife have equal roles within the family.


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