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Regional Director's Corner

                   Sir Lyds min

Indeed, 2016 is a challenging year for us. A new administration, under the leadership of President Rodrigo R. Duterte, posed a challenge for the attainment of “zero unmet need for modern family planning” to all concerned agencies. This challenge is for the full implementation of Republic Act No. 10354 otherwise known as the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012. Unmet need for modern family planning refers to women capable of becoming pregnant and giving birth who are not using contraception but wish to postpone their next childbirth or stop childbearing altogether.

As the lead agency in implementing the Philippine Population Management Program in Regions IV-CALABARZON, the Commission on Population (POPCOM) Region IV is ready to take the challenge.

This website showcases the various demand generation activities, which include orientations and trainings of POPCOM Region IV for its Local Government Units, partner agencies and civil society organizations.

There are a number of ways to respond to President Duterte's directive and these activities are just some of them. Although trials and hurdles are very much a part of the journey towards success, POPCOM Region IV, being an organization that works for the empowerment of Filipino families, is ready to face this task head on.

Let's continue to empower more Filipino families and communities!




Transparency Seal

A Transparency Seal, prominently displayed on the main page of the website of a particular government agency, is a certificate that it has complied with the requirements of Section 93. This Seal links to a page within the agency's website which contains an index of downloadable items of each of the above-mentioned documents.


A pearl buried inside a tightly-shut shell is practically worthless. Government information is a pearl, meant to be shared with the public in order to maximize its inherent value. The Transparency Seal, depicted by a pearl shining out of an open shell, is a symbol of a policy shift towards openness in access to government information. On the one hand, it hopes to inspire Filipinos in the civil service to be more open to citizen engagement; on the other, to invite the Filipino citizenry to exercise their right to participate in governance.

This initiative is envisioned as a step in the right direction towards solidifying the position of the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient - a shining example for democratic virtue in the region.

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 I. Agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

II. Annual Report

Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances

  • 2016 Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances
  • 2015 Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances
  • 2014 Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances
  • 2013 Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances
  • 2012 Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances
  • 2011 Statement of Allotments, Obligations and Balances

Financial Report of Operation

  • 2016 Financial Report of Operation
  • 2015 Financial Report of Operation
  • 2014 Financial Report of Operation
  • 2013 Financial Report of Operation
  • 2012 Financial Report of Operation
  • 2011 Financial Report of Operation

III. POPCOM approved budgets and Corresponding Targets

  • 2015 Approved Budget
  • 2014 Approved Budget
  • 2013 Approved Budget

IV. Major programs and projects classified according to the five Key Result Areas

V. Programs/project beneficiaries as identified in Special Provisions in the Agency Budget

VI. Status of implementation and program/project evaluation and/or assessment reports

  • 2015 Status of RP-FP Implementation
  • 2014 Accomplishment Report
  • 2013 Accomplishment Report
  • 2012 Accomplishment Report

VII. Annual Procurement Plan & Contracts Awarded

Annual Procurement Plan

  • 2016 Annual Procurement Plan
  • 2015 Annual Procurement Plan
  • 2014 Annual Procurement Plan
  • 2013 Annual Procurement Plan
    • 2013 Annual Procurement Plan - Supplemental

Contracts Awarded

  • 2015 Contracts Awarded
  • 2014 Contracts Awarded
  • 2013 Contracts Awarded


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