CALABARZON’S 100 millionth symbolic Filipinos reached another milestone as they celebrated their 8th birthday last July 27, 2022. To mark this significant occasion, POPCOM CALABARZON paid the ten kids a visit in their respective residences to personally hand their gifts, likewise monitor their growth and developmental status.

Carrying this year’s theme “Bigyang Halaga ang Bawat Pinoy sa Pag-unlad, Ngayon at Bukas” and with the sub-theme “Sa ika-walong Taon: Edukasyon at Kalusugan, Palakasin bilang Saligan ng Kaunlaran” POPCOM-CALABARZON along with the Local Government Unit’s (LGU) assistance, continues its efforts to address the evolving needs of these symbolic Filipinos focusing specifically in the areas of health, nutrition and education as these are deemed essential in preparing them to become future enablers and contributors to the nation’s economic progress.

Part of POPCOM CALBARZON’s commitment is to look after the well-being of these kids and see to it that they receive proper care from their families as well as attain quality education and general health care support through the government’s programs and interventions… until they become productive on their own.” POPCOM-CALABARZON Regional Director Angelito S. Obcena said. He emphasized the agency’s role and called for a stronger collaboration with partner LGUs in addressing their developmental needs. Pursuing the children’s welfare through close surveillance and provision of support during their growing years until they become productive individuals of this nation, is considered a priority by POPCOM IV-A and local government units.

Giving the young ones and their families access to quality education and extensive social and health services is a foolproof investment to tap their full potentials and an opportunity to secure a flourishing future. Such effort aligns with UNFPA’s call to refocus our outlook and measures to “…investing in people, in their rights and choices, [as these are] the path to peaceful, prosperous and sustainable societies.” (UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem).

Likewise, POPCOM will continue to invest and direct its efforts to further empower the Filipinos. The agency assures its further support to all eight symbolic children hailing from the CALABARZON region and is high in hopes that they all grow healthy and strong, and become productive citizens of the country in the future. (AJR/IMCU POPCOM IVA)

CALABARZON’s ten 100mth symbolic Filipinos anticipated POPCOM IV-A representatives’ visit to hand them simple cakes and modest gifts in celebration of their special day.