General Objective:

Provide adolescents and youth with appropriate information and life skills to enable them to cope with issues related to their sexual and full development of adulthood.

Specific Objectives:

  • Reduce the incidence of pregnancy among 10-19 age group;
  • Reduce the occurrence of early sexual involvement and early marriages;
  • Reduce the incidence the Reproductive Health problems like STIs and
    HIV/ AIDS, and in particular, decrease the number of HIV-positive cases
    among young males,
  • Equip parents with necessary knowledge on adolescent sexual and
    reproductive health concerns as well as skills on how to communicate
    such concerns with their adolescent children;
  • Deliver age-appropriate, updated, and gender-sensitive information on
    their sexual and reproductive health concerns

Program Strategies:

  • Set-up and mobilize an effective Information and Service Delivery Network (ISDN);
  • Sustainable provision of Teenage Pregnancy Symposiums (TPS), Breaking the Barrier Sessions (BTBS), and Peer Helping Program;
  • Optimize new information and communication technologies to reach out to adolescents (i.e. U4U); and
  • Continuing the development of more multimedia advocacy/IEC materials that support and promote adolescent development issues and concerns particularly  in the prevention of unintended pregnancy, STI, and HIV/AIDS infections (i.e. films)