POPDEV Integration to promote the explicit consideration of population dynamics or factors in the design and implementation of various strategies or initiatives for sustainable development at the national, sectoral, and sub-national levels.


  • To enable LGU in establishing and analyzing demographic and socio-economic database for plan or program development;
  • To enable all LGUs in developing and implementing interventions consciously address population issues in their locality; and
  • To enable sectoral development agencies to use demographic data in projecting needs through their mandated programs.

Program Strategies:

  • Establish, analyze, and disseminate demographic and socio-economic data at the provincial and local levels as input to development planning and policy development;
  • Build awareness, appreciation, and skills of key decision-makers, planners, and the public on considering population factors in development initiatives;
  • Build leadership and management capabilities especially at the local level for developing and implementing POPDEV-related initiatives; and
  • Establish and integrate database on internal migration as critical input in interlinked urban-rural development and provision of technical assistance to urban and urbanizing areas in efficiently managing urbanization.